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The rower is one of the most utilized cardio equipment’s around the gym. Why? Because it’s fantastic, that’s why! It utilizes muscles from the whole body, does not put a lot of stress on the joints, and you are able to get a lot of work done in a short amount

Delicious Christmas turkey, mashed potatoes, cookies and puddings are hard to resist! Setting boundaries on your diet especially at this time of year can be challenging. Overeating during the holidays is common. Let this article help you set a strategic game plan and avoid the "Holiday Weight Gain". Q: What is

Everything Is Possible At Innovative Fitness. Yoshia Burton is a principal of IF Abbotsford, and owner of IF Walnut Grove. Yoshia has been with IF for 7 years, and always had a strong passion for the health and wellness industry. As a franchise owner, Yoshia recognized the potential for endless opportunities within IF,

We would like to introduce you to RJ Wolfe, a 25-year-old personal trainer who is from the far East, Ottawa! His passion in sports has brought him to Innovative Fitness and allowed him to make impacts on many of our club members. RJ's athletic passion started in high school as he

Innovative Fitness is Creating Career Leadership and Business Opportunities.  After graduating from the University of British Columbia, Kris found himself at Innovative Fitness from 2003 to 2009, training and managing the West Vancouver location. Kris fell in love with the supportive atmosphere, on-going development, and constant career progression. Now, Kris owns 2

We are excited to announce at in April 2018, IF is traveling to Spain to take on the Madrid Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon series! Lead by IF Port Moody coach Colton Schock, this trip is going to be one for the ages. Take in the history of Europe while making some history of your own.

Some of you might have heard of "law of attraction" and how positive thinking can change our day-to-day life. Let's hear from Matteo Marra, Professional Training Coach and Sales Manager at IF TELUS Garden. Q: How important are positive thinking and projection in your active life?  A: I believe it's extremely important to visualize and project where you want to

We had the opportunity to interview Richard Go, one of IF North Vancouver Professional Training Coaches on Motivation and Fitness topic. Let's find out on how motivation plays a big role in his and Innovative Fitness members' lives. Q: What do you use as personal motivation to maintain being healthy and active?  A: Finding

Landmannalaugar National park - Amazing Landscape in Iceland - trekking in colorful mountains in summer time. Next July 2018, IF Kitsilano is going on a trip of a lifetime to trek the highlands of Iceland! Lead by IF coach Lydia-Rose, this trip will be a once in a lifetime experience to conquer fitness