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Tips, advice and experiences from the IF team and friends.


We are excited to announce at in April 2018, IF is traveling to Spain to take on the Madrid Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon series! Lead by IF Port Moody coach Colton Schock, this trip is going to be one for the ages. Take in the history of Europe while making some history of your own.

Landmannalaugar National park - Amazing Landscape in Iceland - trekking in colorful mountains in summer time. Next July 2018, IF Kitsilano is going on a trip of a lifetime to trek the highlands of Iceland! Lead by IF coach Lydia-Rose, this trip will be a once in a lifetime experience to conquer fitness

Meet our newest team member at Innovative Fitness Walnut Grove Our team at IF Walnut Grove is very excited to welcome Jonathan Schouten to our coaching staff. Jonathan may be new to us but he is a veteran in the Innovative Fitness family, with over 4 years coaching experience with IF. Life of

Looking for a concise, all-inclusive list of hikes along the North Shore? You've come to right place! You know us, we love finding all the best hikes and sharing them with you. So look no further - here's our top picks. We made sure to include a variety of difficulty

In one of our recent blogs we were talking about our summer hike series. Additionally, we were teasing about a mammoth hiking event in the summer of 2018. Well, here it is: Iceland Summer 2018! We'll be seeing all that this small volcanic island has to offer for 10 days

Well here we are again, hiking season! 'West coast, best coast' is a phrase frequently said by Vancouverites, and that can be partially attributed to the vast array of hikes we have available to us locally! Hiking season in Vancouver is short, but we definitely know how to make the

Narrowing down the BEST hiking spots in the Fraser Valley is a hard thing to do, considering there are literally hundreds of options! With that being said, there are a few “must-dos,” for locals and visitors alike, when hiking in the Fraser Valley. We'll start with introductory trails and follow

Walnut Grove is home to beautiful trails, so of course, we had to try each one. The best part is: there's a hike for everyone. Whether you prefer a casual stroll through the forest or an intensive trek up a mountain, find your perfect adventure below! 1) Houston Trail, located within