Tips On Getting Better With The Rower

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The rower is one of the most utilized cardio equipment’s around the gym. Why?

Because it’s fantastic, that’s why! It utilizes muscles from the whole body, does not put a lot of stress on the joints, and you are able to get a lot of work done in a short amount of time.

However while you are on the rower pulling with all your might, how often have you thought to yourself “wow, I feel like I’ve been rowing forever?” If you’re going the distance and rowing 2000m, then it would be fair to think this way. However if you’re simply doing 3 rounds of let’s say 200m and still have these thoughts, then you may not be rowing in the best possible way.

Here are a few tips to maximizing your rowing potential.

Proper Muscle Activation

Pulling with the proper form will not only help you utilize the right muscles, it will also help you to maximize the power and distance with each pull. During the pull you should first be extending the legs so that you are pushing yourself away from the machine. Second, extend your hips causing your torso to fall back slightly (but remember to sit tall). Then finish the pull strongly by pulling the bar up to your chest. However, always remember that the legs are the main focus when rowing. You get the most power out of your legs so USE IT!

During the recovery phase (when you are bringing yourself back towards the machine) the movement pattern should be the reverse of the pull. Start off with your arms coming forward, then your hips and finish off by bending the legs.


Often times you see people trying to pull the bar as fast as they can. Don’t do this! Slow down. As stated earlier, your legs should be the main muscles being used and your arms will finish off the pull. Take your time with each pull and in the end, you will be going faster and farther than continuously pulling like a maniac.



The phase where you bring yourself back towards the machine is another crucial part of rowing. Most people use a lot of their energy to bring themselves back to the machine as fast as they can. However remember that during this phase you are not able to do any work towards the machine. So relax! Try to minimize the amount of energy you use coming back so your next pull can be stronger.

So that’s it! Those are some quick tips on rowing and how you can maximize your rowing sessions. At the end of the day, practice will make perfect. The more you row the better you will become!


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