Coach of the Month – RJ Wolfe

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We would like to introduce you to RJ Wolfe, a 25-year-old personal trainer who is from the far East, Ottawa! His passion in sports has brought him to Innovative Fitness and allowed him to make impacts on many of our club members.

RJ’s athletic passion started in high school as he join hockey and baseball teams. During this time at St.FX University, he earned a BSc in Human Kinetics and played for the university’s baseball team.

His passion hasn’t stopped there. RJ mentioned:

I’m fascinated with human movement and its power to heal the body and improve human performance.

I am really excited to be on the west coast surrounded by a fun and engaging club and sharing my passion.

During free time, RJ enjoys camping, snowboarding, mountain biking, tasting good coffee, training, eating, watching sports and hanging out with friends.

Let’s hear from RJ himself, how he is very successful in his career. His hard work and ambitious mentality have brought him to the point where he is today.

Q: What is your next big personal challenge?

Reach 10,000 hrs of 1 on 1 personal training.

Q: What is your personal adversity?

Putting in the right effort and time to rehab nagging injuries from my years of playing sports. When I was 21 I could not do a pain free push-up due shoulder pain, I also did not have the mobility or stability to do a full depth air squat. My knees and feet always ached and my shoulders didn’t work. After dealing with pain and attending physio on/off for 2 years, I took it upon myself to figure out ‘WHY’ at such a young age was my body not functioning well. After a lot self-education, trial and error, finding the WHY behind my dysfunctions led me to drastically improve my function and now I am helping other people improve their function.

Q: What is your biggest victory at IF?

WHEN I beat Pat Z at a cardio challenge!

Q: What is your most proud member success story?

Currently working with multiple members to reach numerous destinations!

Q: What is your inspiration in the fitness industry?

Paul Chek and his holistic approach to health and fitness. Gray Cook and his passion for movement, patterns before parts. Greg Glassman and his work in defining fitness. Tony Robbins and his ability to inspire others. Mat Fraser as an athlete, his mindset and work ethic.

Q: Can you recommend a must-read book for personal trainer?

There are so many to read, every personal trainer must be constantly reading. A few favorite ones are Movement – Gray Cook, How to eat move and be healthy – Paul Chek, Ready to Run – Kelly Starrett.

Q: What is that one workout song?

Anything foo fighters.

Q: Can you provide some advices to new trainers?

Think about who your clients will be and who needs training.

And, if your passionate about fitness, figure out why you are and what you can offer people so you can express it to your audience.



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