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Tips, advice and experiences from the IF team and friends.


World Mental Health Day won’t come around until the fall but we don’t need a special occasion to address the elephant in the room during these heavy-hearted COVID-times. Let’s talk about this already. As my colleague Sean Allt wrote about in our NO EXCUSE 90 Challenge post, optimal health is achieved

Let’s get one thing out of the way right off the bat: I’m not here to lecture you about your alcohol intake, tell you that it’s evil, or that anyone NEEDS to quit drinking

We’ve learned a lot about the effects of working remotely over the past 6 months. It seems that many of the reasons some organizations had previously been opposed to - or, at least skeptical of - remote working, such as concerns about distractions negatively impacting productivity, may have been misguided. In a

Thank you to Bakerita for the recipe! Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we know as well as you that there's no escaping the temptations of all the delicious food that's about to be spread in front of us. When it comes to dessert, there's no need to shy away! Especially

The rower is one of the most utilized cardio equipment’s around the gym. Why? Because it’s fantastic, that’s why! It utilizes muscles from the whole body, does not put a lot of stress on the joints, and you are able to get a lot of work done in a short amount

With the hockey off-season quickly approaching, thoughts quickly turn to summer activities away from the rink: golfing, watersports and, of course, BBQing! However, summer is the critical time for hockey players looking to make strength gains to improve their game for the following season. The first week or two of

We have all heard the heart breaking stories of soccer, hockey, tennis, runners and other professional athletes in amazing physical condition collapse and die during activity. The sad part about many of these stories is that you always hear from a doctor straight after stating, "If we had only known