Alissa the Warrior

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What IF you had a passion, goal and determination but your body kept putting on the brakes? This is a story of Alissa, one of our members at Innovative Fitness Vancouver (Four Seasons).

After coming back to training with Innovative Fitness after surgery on her lower leg in June 2015, Alissa is well on her way back to do what she enjoyed before, running.

She has a clear goal in mind – The 2016 Sun Run in April. It is not easy for her to find a time for training in her busy schedule, but Alissa always finds a way to make it happen! Not only does she train two times per week with IF, but also joined spin classes and yoga to help her with some active recovery.

Although, in theory, she is doing everything right, things are not going smoothly for her. She had to see her doctor again because of recent pain in the shin area and was forced to back off her training a little bit. These obstacles, which many people would find incredibly discouraging, don’t slow her down. Instead, she continues to train with a smile and a positive attitude that is necessary for success in sport or life.

There are and will be complications and challenges along the way to her goal but with her perspective and determination, Alissa enjoys every workout and tries to get everything she can from every session, and that is what makes her special!

Keep on going Alissa! You are a true Warrior and we are all incredibly proud of you!

David Vavrik
Professional Training Coach
Innovative Fitness – Four Seasons
Cell: 604.902.0391/Phone:604.609.5450
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