Receive a complimentary fitness assessment* and unlock your next steps toward a longer, healthier life.

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Elevate your performance, live stronger, and embrace a life you love with our personalized programs.


Ignite your fitness transformation with the perfect partnership. We match you with a personal trainer that mirrors your personal aspirations, needs, and preferred style of learning.


Using the key insights derived from your Functional Movement Screen and Physical Profile, we build a wellness program exclusively designed for you and your journey.


Immerse yourself in an elite fitness environment that’s equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, beautiful boutique facilities and spa-like amenities. 

Free fitness assessment

Receive a complimentary fitness assessment and unlock your next steps toward a longer, healthier life.



At Innovative Fitness, we are committed to transcending the typical boundaries of health and fitness. Through our personalized training and wellness programs, we help you unlock your maximum potential and live a balanced, energetic life.



Experience the momentum of life without being held back by your body. Through our elite, personalized training programs, we help you harness your inner power, making you feel stronger and ready to take on whatever life throws your way.



Your journey towards a longer, healthier life begins with Innovative Fitness. Through our Functional Movement Screening and Physical Profile, we craft an exclusively personalized wellness program, setting the foundation for your longevity.

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“My days are so full that the only way to fit in an important appointment like fitness is by scheduling it. Then there’s no excuse not to go. Plus I don’t have to think about what I need to do at the gym. The team at Innovative custom-tailors a routine for my needs. They’re truly interested in me as a person.”

Marty Pospischil 
Marty Pospischil

“From a stress perspective it’s helped me a lot. I work long hours and travel a lot, so I train at Innovative to give me more energy. I started at 2 days a week, then bumped up to 3, and now I’m at 4 because I love it so much. The trainers here are highly qualified, great to work with, and are just great people.”

Valentina Araneda 
Valentina Araneda

“It’s inclusive, it’s friendly, it’s personal. I function at a higher level every day when I come from a workout at Innovative. My energy level and motivation are higher. It provides me with a higher level of mental acuity and drives my day forward. It’s touched my life significantly in so many ways.”

Todd Johnston 
Todd Johnston


Our elite team of trainers bring an unmatched, results-centric approach to help you conquer your goals and tap into your fullest potential.

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Let us guide your journey towards a longer, healthier life. Come in for a free fitness assessment with a member of our results-centric personal training team and empower yourself with valuable knowledge about your health and wellness, plus personalized recommendations on how to achieve your goals and unlock your full potential.

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