Member of the Month: Mata Molnar

Mata has been a member of Innovative Fitness since we opened in 1995! She is a true inspiration for anyone who thinks it’s too late to start working out. It is never too late!

Name: Mata Molnar
Age: 87

Mata travelled across the border from Hungary to Austria during the war as a refugee going to hotel management school in Austria before immigrating to Vancouver in 1951 where she won a scholarship to UBC beating out 10 000 people. She worked for the Children’s Aid Society until she met her husband Dennis who she married in 1953. Mata has 6 children: Alexa, Andrea, Dennis, Julia, Michael, and Steven along with 15 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.

Mata has been coming to Innovative Fitness right from the time it opened in 1995! She has built many relationships over the years with numerous trainers and staff.

Why do you CHALLENGE yourself physically?

Mata has always continued to challenge herself physically because it allows her to be mobile, social, happy and ultimately feel good!

What is your biggest ADVERSITY surrounding your fitness and what do you do to overcome it?

Mata has battled through much adversity over the years during her time at Innovative Fitness. She has overcome many injuries such as recovering from back surgery, a herniated disc, stress fracture in her foot and most recent, rehabilitating from post breast cancer.

What has been your biggest VICTORY at Innovative Fitness?

Mata’s biggest success is that she’s been able to continue to move, walk, and be mobile. Her advice to give someone thinking of starting a fitness program is to get a personal trainer!


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