IF Kits Summer Hike Series 2017!

summer hike series

Well here we are again, hiking season! ‘West coast, best coast’ is a phrase frequently said by Vancouverites, and that can be partially attributed to the vast array of hikes we have available to us locally! Hiking season in Vancouver is short, but we definitely know how to make the summer moments count. As a result, here at Innovative Fitness Kitsilano, we’re introducing the second year of our Summer Hike Series!

Our summer hike series consists of four hikes throughout the summer which will vary in intensity. So, everyone from beginner to advanced hikers can join in on the fun.

The Stellar Summer Hikes

The list of the hikes and their leading coach are:

  1. The Chief (Lindsay): SATURDAY JULY 16TH: It is an intermediate trail approximately 11km round trip with elevation of 600m. Additional fun fact, The Stawamus Chief is one of the largest monoliths in the world, which simply means its one of the biggest rocks in the world.
  2. St Marks Summit (Lydia-Rose): SUNDAY AUGUST 13TH: It is an intermediate trail, approximately 11km round trip with 460m elevation! Hikers can reach this hike by starting up through Cypress bowl and making their way past the ski slopes towards the hike. Then, hikers are rewarded several stunning views of the Howe Sound!
  3. Wedgemount Lake (Nick): SUNDAY AUGUST 27TH: It is a difficult trail, approximately 14 km round trip with 1160 m elevation! Out of the Garibaldi trails, this is the most difficult, however stunning views and a motivating team will get you to the top!
  4. Garibaldi Lake  (Lydia-Rose): SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 16TH: It is an intermediate trail, running approximately 18km round trip with an 820 m elevation! We will pass by beautiful mountain scenery and a glacier-fed lake while we workout. So, what is not to love?

*Contact the lead coach if you are interested in participating in their hike*

Their contact information is below:

While each hike throughout the series is meant to become increasingly difficult, this gives every person the ability to slowly work their way up to each hike should they choose.  Stay tuned to find out what these hikes are preparing us for – we’re too excited!

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