Pack the Essentials: Your Guide to Healthy Summer Road Trip Snacks

We can all agree that there are few better feelings than a good old-fashioned road trip right? Windows down, sun shining, warm air, music up.  But don’t let your summer getaways derail your latest fitness efforts.

Yes, travel brings freedom and excitement with regards to discovering new yummy eats and treats and laying off the workouts.  But, this freedom can also feel tempting (and possibly stressful) if you’ve been putting in the time at the gym and making gains.

The good news is that a little planning and prep will easily satisfy your munchy boredom cravings while also keeping your energy steady and your nutrition in check.

Healthy Road Trip Snacks: The Approach

With every choice you make, your efforts should be focused on foods that are high in protein and fibre and limited in added sugar. Think low sugar protein bars, your favourite powder in a shaker bottle, fresh fruit & veg.

Lookout for big bags of munchy foods that are tempting to grab and easy to mindlessly chow down multiple servings of (especially when you’re not paying attention like driving and chatting).

And don’t overlook hydration! Water is essential, but zero-calorie artificially sweetened electrolyte drinks, and carbonated waters can also be fun and help curb some cravings.

Healthy Road Trip Snacks: Our Top Picks

Our top recommendations?  Grab a cooler bag and stock it with the following:

  1. Protein Bars
    Here are our smart nutrition parameters: find a bar that’s going to kick your craving for a sweet candy bar to the curb but doesn’t deliver more than 10g of sugar. Look for at least 15 g of protein, and bonus points for choosing one with fibre and (or!) greens.
  2. Fruit & Veg
    Don’t be afraid to throw together a bag of fresh veg such as peapods, cucumber, mini carrots, etc. to munch on. Low in calories and high in fibre, you can munch for a while, feel good and keep your calories in check. Buying a container of prepared cut fruit or packing some apples is also an excellent way to hydrate and satisfy a sweet craving. Plus it gives you a boost of antioxidants which help fight off those damaging free radicals in your body.
  3. Healthy Fats
    Adding in some healthy fats (in addition to protein) with your snacks is ideal way to satisfy, curb cravings and resist temptations. Consider a squeeze pack of nut butter, trail mix (watch your portion, though!), or even an avocado.
  4. Salty Snacks
    Who doesn’t love a good salty snack to much on? Nowadays you can even find some options are better for you options, like having added protein. If you can buy or pack single portions, you’re in better shape and packing healthier options will likely be better than what you can find on the road. Our go-to choices: dry-roasted chickpeas or edamame, protein chips (yes, they are a thing!), kale chips and jerky.
  5. Sweet Treats
    Sometimes you just want some candy! Check out SmartSweets gummy bears (and sour gummy bears), a line of low-sugar, high-fibre candy that legit tastes like the real deal. With 3g of sugar and 28g of fibre per bag, they will help you #KickSugar (without feeling like you are).
  6. Beverages
    Aside from the obvious water, we like buying single stick-pack powder packets for the road to add to any bottle of water. Top choices include single-serve protein powders (ideal to hold you over until you can get a quality meal), greens powders for a vitamin and antioxidant boost, collagen (add to your coffee order), and electrolyte sticks for hydration. Not only will these options keep your drinks exciting to your taste buds, but they might also help you skip some less-than-ideal choices.

Finally, we get it – sometimes it’s just not possible to plan ahead or pack your snacks. And while there’s a lot of junk in gas station marts and fast food stores, the good news is that there are an increasing amount of good options too!

When you’re in a bind and dying for food look for:

  • Single serve bags of nuts & seeds
  • Ready-to-drink protein shakes, a good rule is 15g – 20g protein and less than 10g sugar per bottle.
  • Protein bars, (consider our recos above)
  • Zero calorie drinks and electrolyte waters
  • Healthier Fast Food Options

Reach out to us if you’ve got more questions on how to keep it healthy on the road!

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