IF Destinations – NOT Just About Extreme Adventure!

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We are not just about extreme adventure – occasionally we find something new that is really fun!

At IF Abby, we are not just about extreme adventure. Our group just likes to have fun outside and that can be as adventurous as a multiple-day kayak trip or as simple as a day hike. A few weeks ago we decided to try paddle boarding. It has grown a lot in popularity lately and we wanted to see why. We took a group of 27 people down to the beach in White Rock and had an excellent time. Only 2 of our group had attempted it before, but that was no deterrent. Everyone caught on quickly and enjoyed a couple of hours of paddling.

Paddle boarding is low to moderate effort cardiovascular exercise combined with some balance and coordination (although it gets harder as the waves and winds increase) so it can be great for a rest/recovery day or as a part of your taper week leading up to a bigger event.

Just another great example of how you can enjoy a variety of types of fitness activities and incorporate them all into your training plan. Our next day of paddle boarding will be on September 14th.

If you want to join us and give it a try, send us an email!

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