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As the 60MKC team looks ahead to planning fundraisers for the Spring and Summer, we had the opportunity this past month to venture back to the Train the Trainer campaign from November 2015.

We travelled out to IF Port Moody to award them with the ‘Innovative Fitness – 60 Minute Kids Club Train the Trainer Ninja trophy!’

The trophy is meant to recognize the club that embodies the core values of fundraising for charity as well as having the knowledge and skills to take their TTT event to the next level. 60 MKC visited each club before the event and challenged their staff with trivia questions about the charity and about the state of physical activity in our schools. We also took into account the most amazing photos from the event and, of course, the amount of engagement (and dollars) the club was able to bring in for the event from their community.

All of the locations performed beyond our highest expectations and raised a staggering amount of money in a very short period of time. With over $50,000 raised from participating locations, 60 MKC is now better able to expand our reach and update our programs so students across the country are establishing healthy habits in their everyday lives. This money also allows us to keep all our programs and resources FREE to the thousands of students and schools that use them.

When asked what it means to support 60MKC, and the many other charitable causes each location supports, here are some statements from a few IF locations:

Kris Schjelderup – Principal at IF Port Moody

“Our team at IF Port Moody is very proud to be partners with 60MKC and be able to support them as they grow each year. Physical literacy and health awareness for kids is critical to ensuring they have the tools and experience to grow up and live long, healthy lives!”

Yoshia Burton – Principal at IF Abbotsford

“We don’t have to do very much to inspire our group to want to work with 60 MKC. The charity is so well aligned with our corporate values that the type of people who want to work here also have an vested personal interest in promoting kids’ health in their communities.

Preventive health care is at the core of what we do at Innovative Fitness and 60 MKC fits that model perfectly. Getting kids moving, thinking and behaving in healthy ways only does good things in our schools and communities. IF Abbotsford is very proud to be able to help promote not only kids health, but health in general and 60 MKC provides an excellent platform for us to do that.”

Curtis Christopherson – Principal at IF White Rock

“The Innovative Fitness team in White Rock truly sees the value in giving back to the community that many of us both live and work in —a community that supports our business and the initiatives that we run. The 60 Minute Kids Club is a way that we can impact our future and contribute to the ecosystem of life — and tangibly impact the health and longevity of individuals!”

Jeff Dallin – Principal at IF Victoria

“We have a team of leaders who care about humanity and the society we are a part of. Therefore, to motivate them to get involved with, and put their bodies on the line for, a cause as meaningful as the 60 minute Kids Club, is as simple as introducing it to them. They are great people that focus their lives and careers around the positive impact they can have on the world, not around how much money they can make or power they can have. The 60 Minute Kids Club is a natural place for them to turn their attention, because they are aware that it all starts with our youth.”

Ryley Carter – Sales Manager and Professional Training Coach at IF Victoria

“I’ve participated in Train the Trainer for 3 years now and at the end of TTT I find myself overwhelmed with happiness and a sense of accomplishment. As personal trainers, some of our more natural skills are our physical and mental abilities to endure intense activity on a regular basis. With that being said, most of the time our abilities only benefit us on an individual level. Being able to donate not only time but our physical abilities to a cause much larger than ourselves has been a very rewarding and gratifying experience that I look forward to contributing for years to come. Everybody has an ability to donate in some way — ours happens to be a physical ability with a passion for helping others.”

Michael Slater – Professional Training Coach at IF Victoria

I was part of the team at Innovative Fitness for the 2015 Train the Trainer event and I’m now a medical student at UBC-Okanagan. Contributing to the 60 Minute Kids Club through this event was an experience that has really stood out to me because I feel really strongly that helping children develop physically active lifestyles is a great place to start for preventing disease and improving quality of life for our population as a whole. Supporting this cause through a social event that helped us build our own community of healthy, active people, was a fun and natural way to contribute positively to something that I care about.

Sean Allt – Club Manager at IF Four Seasons

“What an unreal event: even though it was only “officially” two hours long there was so much more to it than that for the coaches. With preparations beginning several months in advance, the club was abuzz with the idea and energy of TTT well ahead of the “day-of” event. It was so great to have a common cause that ALL of the coaches could rally around in order to help improve the condition of the world we live in. As health and fitness professionals we all understand the importance of getting kids active in a way that will have a positive effect on the rest of their lives. Add to that the high energy (and hilarity) of the event itself, and it’s easy to understand why this is an event that the entire coaching team looks forward to every single year! To be able to raise over $50,000 for kids’ health in a single 2-hour window is truly remarkable. What IF you could?”

Bret Hodge – Club Manager at IF Kitsilano

“What inspires us to get involved in the 60MKC is that it hits close to home in so many ways. It allows us to use our talents as fitness professionals and volunteer our time doing things we love to do in order to increase physical literacy and promote health strategies. We support 60MKC because we want to leave the world better than we found it. By supporting the 60MKC in our local communities we are helping to not only spread the Movement of Movement across Canada, but leaving a legacy all over the world.”


Elisa Maruzzo | Western Canada Manager
60 Minute Kids’ Club (60MKC)
M: (604) 537-5161 | E:


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