We Conquered the MOAB Dessert!

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 [watch the video montage here]

Almost every mountain biker knows of the small town which is 3.5 hours outside of Salt Lake City in Utah named Moab. It is famous because of the flowing trails, the landscape full of arches and the slickrock that you can ride on. None of this can be replicated anywhere in the world.

IF Kits coach Aaron Dobie and Bret Hodge led ten daring customers to Moab for a 4 day trip that included 2 days of guided mountain biking. The skill level was vast among the group but Moab has trails that can challenge all abilities. The first day was spent riding in the Brands trail network and the second day was on the Klondike trail network and the world famous Porcupine Rim.

Every customer went into the destination with an open and positive mind. They were prepared to step out of their comfort zone and take on the challenge; a challenge different than a race or event which many were used to. This allowed the group to go places that only a mountain bike could take them and learn skills along the way. No major injuries occurred but many laughs were had and most importantly the love of mountain biking was spread.

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