Train the Trainer 2015

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How do you overcome the unimaginable? Teamwork.

The 2015 Annual Train the Trainer event is an ideal example of this notion. In 5 minute increments, for 2 hours straight, the dedicated trainers of Innovative Fitness locations all around BC put their bodies and minds on the line to support a worthy cause – this year, that cause is to combat inactive and unhealthy lifestyles, especially among children.

Having their clients purchase time blocks – some even purchasing whole hours with one trainer – was their way to sacrifice themselves in the name of helping others, raising money, and allowing their clients some payback for all the workouts they dole out with each personal training session.

During the event, clients enter the facilities with devious smiles, Dollarama bags, and wild costumes poking out of backpacks. The trainers are warmed up and charged up for what is about to come… non-stop grueling micro workouts filled with endless mountain climbers, bike sprints, warrior walks, treadmill runs, windshield wipers, fishtails, push ups, burpees, chin ups, and squats of every variety you could fathom.

Clients gather around, drinks in hand, to watch, laugh, cheer on and cringe at the workouts unfolding before them. “Gareth is an absolute beast. We have to work really hard to challenge him” said one client at IF Abbotsford. And challenge him they did. One 5 minute circuit was almost entirely right arm exercises.

Watching the trainers dripping with sweat, it’s very clear they enjoy working out. They are smiling, laughing, joking around as they endure the workout demands dictated by their loving clients. Yet, when the 75 minute mark rolls around, there is a shift in the energy. It moves from the muscles of the individual – now, adequately fatigued – to the power of the group. Completing endless leg lifts while clasping hands, completing wall sits back to back and completing decline push ups while balancing on fellow trainers holding plank. High fives and fist bumps are never in short supply. Seeing the trainer on the left and right of you struggling through an exercise activates the middle man or woman to keep going.

It is this culture of teamwork that Innovative Fitness staff and clients know so well and value. It is this culture that allows growth beyond dreams. Allows for transformation, adventure and participation in a life worth being proud of.

We at 60 Minute Kids Club foster this same notion of teamwork to conquer even the most unimaginable challenges. We rely on the efforts of many  to support our small yet mighty team as we work to instill healthy habits and a passion for physical activity in our youngest generation and in society at large. We would not exist without the support and partnership of Innovative Fitness and their supportive clients. This year alone, the Train the Trainer event raised well over $ 50,000 towards this cause! So, what do we have to show for this support?

In five short years, we have grown from a home grown Provincial program with one tool to offer to now being Internationally utilized with two very robust tools and a team of strategists and volunteer Champions that are major movers in the development of National and Provincial developments for Physical Literacy Strategies. We have been recognized as 1 of the only 4 recommended assessment tools for Fundamental Movement Skills in Canada that support generalist teachers, parents, and coaches towards improving a child’s movement competence and confidence. We have impacted thousands of children, teachers, parents and communities with tangible support to build daily healthy habits.

Fundraisers like this allow our programs and tools remain FREE and accessible for everyone. As a charity, we are measured on our success and abilities to do more with less in order to support the program and tools reaching all kids, teachers, parents, and coaches that want to embrace healthy and active living. If we do not see these changes occurring with each passing quarter, we work harder. Just like you.

No matter the obstacle, we are a charity aimed at disrupting the trend of inactivity by creating organizational and societal change. We want all people that connect with the program and tools to value physical activity and healthy living from a young age so they may grow up to be active for life. We want them to grow up aspiring to move. To be competent and confident movers. To move as a team in order to take on anything that is put in front of them whether it be in the gym, in the boardroom or throughout the adventure of life.

On behalf of all staff, volunteers, Champions, users and participants connected to the 60 Minute Kids Club, we want to deeply and enthusiastically thank all of the Train the Trainer sponsors, clients, trainers, staff, and volunteers that worked hard to make this event a huge success. 

To learn more about the 60 Minute Kids Club, please reach out to us at and we will put you in touch with the Regional lead in your area.

May the movement be with you!

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