I Needed a Goal

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This year I turned 52 and like a lot of people in their 50’s, I needed a goal – something to train for. So, this spring I joined a running clinic and started training for a 1/2 marathon.

I completed the Scotiabank at the end of June and felt pretty good about my very first SUB 2:30!  My whole family came to see me cross the finish line and my medal hangs proudly in the kitchen. I was thrilled that I actually completed a 1/2 marathon, and my running mate, Theresa, insisted we keep training. So, I turned my attention to improving my running time.

In August I joined Innovative Fitness and after only three months, I was able to cut 7 minutes off my 1/2 marathon time! Here we are at the Rock’n’Roll finish line at the end of October. It was a crisp and sunny fall day, excellent conditions for running. The course was crowded with almost 4,000 runners taking part, but everyone was polite and in good spirits. My full body workouts at Innovative Fitness made a big difference in my running time and my post-race recovery.  I feel stronger, more stable, and flexible.

What’s next – we’ll go back and join the running clinic again next Spring and start training for the BMO 1/2 marathon in May 2016!

Michelle Neilly
Member at Innovative Fitness Kitsilano

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Club Manager
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