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With top-end equipment, beautiful boutique facilities and spa-like amenities, our IF TORONTO clients enjoy premium service, unparalleled camaraderie, and best in class coaches every time they walk in the door.

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Meet The Team

Josip Maras Aug2017
Josip Maras

Josip has over ten years of experience, and has completed over 12,000 hrs of professional coaching sessions, which gives him a wide spectrum of practical knowledge.

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Start date with IF: 1/1/2008

Position with IF: Principal

Philosophy around training? (What makes you different): I guess I’m result oriented. Results by design, not by accident. I take an organized approach to make sure we achieve the desired outcome in the least amount of time.
Here’s how:

1. Foundation First: developing the fundamentals of training is key, from proper breathing, scapular movement cues, glute activation, joint ROM, establishing proper lifting techniques and programming movement patterns.

2. Goal Setting – developing a strategic plan and goal will allow for proper direction in the training approach needed to reach your goals.

3. Programming & testing – regularly testing ones baseline will allow us to see progress and avoid potential plateau’s.

4. Developing Skills & Performance: this will be key in proper progressions and pushing the needle forward.

5. Listen to your body – work smart, not harder.

What credentials/ experience do you have? Bachelors of Sc. Kinesiology | CSCS – Certified strength and conditioning coach | Lv. II Functional Movement Specialist Experience – 10yrs | Over 12,000hrs professional coaching sessions completed, which gives me wide spectrum of practical knowledge.

What is your next big CHALLENGE? Summiting Kilimanjaro October 2017!

What are you doing to work on your PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT? As business owner, I’m always reading and researching how to solve our current business obstacles. Making a strategic plan is key and then executing on the plan is the discipline needed to help us move forward in our endeavours. Investing into myself has always been a part of my philosophy which yields the highest ROI.

What are you doing to leave a LEGACY? My goal is to make people better than when they first started. I want to inspire people and make a positive impact on their life. I lead by example and hold myself accountable to make an impact on everyone that walks into our facility. There is no feeling more rewarding than a past IF client/member, team mate or colleague telling me I’ve changed their life.

ENGAGEMENT is key in the trainer/ member relationship why? Engagement starts with LISTENING “when you talk you are already repeating what you know, but when you listen you might learn something new.”

Why is working towards EXCELLENCE important to you? It’s fundamental, it’s the only way to attack life.

What has been your biggest physical VICTORY? Completing an Ultra-marathon in Iceland this past year. It was a true test of mental and physical endurance.

What is your biggest success story of a MEMBER? Taking 11 first time marathoners to Hawaii to complete the Honolulu marathon. A huge accomplishment for everyone that participated which created a lifetime of memories.

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