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Former IF coach Dr. Rory Gibbons talks burn-out & how to treat it.

Tired, stressed-out, heavier, moody and “just not the same as you used to be”? You are not alone. Burn-out is becoming more and more common among hard-working professionals that literally want to to do it all and be the best at it. So why is this happening and what can be done about it?

More often than not, people experiencing early onset burn-out, or burn-out altogether just think they need to suck it up.  If your car is running low on gas and hasn’t had an oil change for way too long, do you step on the gas or do you fill it up and give it some TLC?  Your fatigue and sluggish productivity is a sign that your body’s energy reserves may be running low.

In order to figure out why you’re tired, looking at physiological markers in your body such as blood quality, thyroid hormones, iron, Vitamin D, and Vitamin B12 can often be a great starting point. Sometimes by running a comprehensive hormone evaluation we can see how your body is producing hormones such as cortisol, estrogen, and testosterone.  When you need more of the stress hormone cortisol, it steals precursor hormones that are destined for production of testosterone and estrogen.  Sometimes when these hormones are low fatigue (and a whole host of other symptoms) can occur.

By understanding the biochemistry of certain hormones, lifestyle and functional nutrition interventions can be used to improve energy and get you functioning at the top of your game. 

Fatigue is multi-faceted therefore treatment should be multi-faceted. In addition to determining why you are burning out, energy can be supported by specific dietary interventions.  Changes as simple as staying hydrated and limiting processed sugar in the daily diet have been shown repeatedly to improve energy levels.

Don’t forget about sleep.  Motivated entrepreneurs often sacrifice sleep for meeting deadlines and for going the extra mile for their valued client, however the most successful business people in the world can agree that proper sleep quality will  elevate your game.  Try to develop a night time routine that limits screen time (TV, smart phones and tablets) and if you really need to use a device, make sure you are using an app that changes the light being emitted such as “nightshift” or “f.lux”.  Blue light has been proven to suppress melatonin which we need for sleep quality and cell recovery.  Keeping with the routine, try to go to bed and wake up at the same time daily; this regulates secretion of cortisol and melatonin to when nature intended it to be released.

Nutritional treatments such as intravenous nutrient therapy and energy shots have both proven to increase energy levels with limited side effects.  Intravenous nutrient therapy provides essential vitamins and minerals that are being burned up fast during your more stressful times and has shown to be effective at elevating energy and mood, improving lung capacity, and boosting immune function.  The shots have been shown to improve energy, nerve function and brain cognition.  Both therapies take very little time, and often patients notice an improvement shortly after.  Efficiency is something high functioning people appreciate and there is nothing more efficient at getting nutrients into your body than intravenous therapy.


If you feel like this article relates to you, then you need to see me!  Visit drrorygibbons.janeapp.com to book online or simply call the clinic at 604-986-9191.

I am Dr. Rory Gibbons. I am a naturopathic physician practicing in North Vancouver and I can improve your level of energy, productivity, focus, and performance.  I understand that you’re busy and the free time you have you want to spend with family and friends, so I work hard to maximize your visit time by taking a thorough history and providing a comprehensive treatment plan.  If low energy is not a concern for you, I am also able to help by providing treatment that is simple, natural, and effective for the following:

  • Men’s health such as libido and testosterone-related concerns (lack of motivation, low joy of life, reduced muscle bulk, depression)


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