Healthy Habits at IF Kitsilano 2017

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When it comes to our habits, it can be tough to shake the bad and instil the good, particularly when it comes to our health and fitness! So how can we make this process as easy and fun as possible? Enter the Innovative Fitness Healthy Habits Challenge…

Just what is the Healthy Habits Challenge?

Every year, members will pit themselves in an epic battle for health supremacy! Well, not quite that dramatic… rather a 4-week points-based challenge between members, who compete to kick-start their health and fitness goals. It’s fun, educational, and genuinely challenging!

Points were awarded out depending on completion of certain tasks, such as completing daily food logs, taking part in weekly fitness challenges, attending our weekend circuit classes, attending fitness events and ultimately how big of a step they made towards their personal goal. Members were also invited to attend nutritional seminars run by Erika Weissenborn, a Vancouver holistic food and nutrition consultant and owner of Fresh in Your Fridge. This provided a fantastic opportunity to ask questions and become better educated to traverse the difficult terrain of healthy eating!

So how did our members get on?

Let me tell you about our Healthy Habits Male winner 2017, Mark Volk:

Height – 6’1”

Starting Weight – 214.8lbs

Finishing Weight – 207.8lbs

Mark not only accrued the most points for the male category by closely logging his diet and completing extra workouts, even whilst on vacation, he also shifted 7lbs over the four-week period!

Here’s what Mark had to say:

What was the biggest drive for you participating in the Healthy Habits challenge?

I had been working out hard and training for a half marathon, but was plateaued at my current weight, so I knew it had to be my diet. 

What were your goals during the challenge?

My goal was to stick to 3 personal training sessions a week, and follow a twice a week running schedule with long runs on Saturdays. Avoid alcohol, as it is empty calories, and limit snacks to healthier nuts and fruits.

What did you struggle with the most? What was the easiest part for you?

I found the exercise routine was the easiest. The hardest was eating right for the week of holidays while I was in Hawaii!

Which habits have you stuck to after the challenge?

I’ve maintained my healthy snacking, avoiding alcohol, and of course – continuing to train at IF.

What advice would you pass on to future participants of the challenge?

Stick to the log! Record everything no matter what or how “bad” you think it is. Just the act of recording your intake is half the battle for being accountable to yourself and your health.

Even though the IF Healthy Habits Challenge is over for this year, you can still tackle your own challenge and improve small parts of your diet and exercise routine. It takes 21 days to reinforce a new habit – what are you going to change?

Jay Andrews,

Professional Training Coach,

Innovative Fitness Kitsilano,

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