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Meet our newest team member at Innovative Fitness Walnut Grove

Our team at IF Walnut Grove is very excited to welcome Jonathan Schouten to our coaching staff.

Jonathan may be new to us but he is a veteran in the Innovative Fitness family, with over 4 years coaching experience with IF.

Life of Adventure

Jonathan began his journey into the health and wellness field at the University of the Fraser Valley, where he obtained his Bachelor’s of Kinesiology. After his undergraduate degree, Jonathan began to build on his love for adventure and turned it into adventure racing. He has been an avid trail runner, spending many hours, nights, and weeks running through the mountains of the Fraser Valley, and the rest of BC.

Over the years with Innovative Fitness, Jon has knocked off some amazing feats such as The Fat Dog 50 mile trail race, multiple years at The World’s Toughest Mudder in Las Vegas, and the Red Bull 400 to name just a few.

Adventure At Its Best!

Jonathan has continued with his love of trail running but has also taken up mountain biking and rock climbing.

In 2017 alone, he has conquered;

  • a 3-day trek up Mt. Rinjani in Indonesia
  • Summited Mt. Baker
  • Completed his first free solo rock climb in the Bugaboo mountain range in Eastern B.C.


Free solo climb is completely unsupported from any ropes!

The photo below starts to only tell the initial story of the intensity of that climb.

Jonathan is now fully integrated into our team. He cannot wait to meet you and go through our next life changing destination together!

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