IF Telus Garden goes paddle boarding

paddle boarding with a view

While we do spend a lot of time in the gym, we love taking the time to share new and exciting activities! Whether its a hike, a marathon or paddle boarding, we aim to give you new ideas to get in some exercise to meet your goals. Last week, IF Telus Garden went paddle boarding in False Creek to take their workout to the water.

Stand up paddle boarding is tougher than you think!

Unlike many perceptions of the sport, stand up paddle boarding is actually quite intense. While it could be done leisurely, it’s actually a great form of exercise. In particular, it’s a great workout to the core, delts, lats, traps and pectoralis major! In fact, it can become a full body workout due to the need for the legs to stay engaged to keep balanced.

The IF team paddles through False Creek

There’s no feeling like having the water at your feet and the wind in your hair. That is what a group from IF TELUS Garden experienced recently in False Creek! They headed out to Granville Island early one Sunday morning and rented some Stand Up Paddle-Boards for a few hours of fun on the water. After a brief safety talk and a few tips about paddling, they headed on their way along the shoreline, under a few bridges, towards Kitsilano Beach. Luckily the group managed to stay afloat throughout the journey, though everyone, at some point, had a bit of a scare from loss of balance on the board. Eventually they turned around to head back and got some great views of Stanley Park that you can’t get from the shore. At one point they even had a visit from a seal swimming around False Creek!

After touching back on solid ground they enjoyed a little music performance. Alongside their music were some delicious breakfast bagels to refuel after the fun physical activity they experienced! If you’re wanting to try something new and exciting, or looking for fun activities to get up to this summer, talk to one of our coaches or contact me below!

If telus garden paddle boardpaddle board front view

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