One-of-a-kind Professional Coach: Patryk Zuk

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At Innovative Fitness, all of our coaches love fitness and are passionate about helping people achieve their fitness goals. What we don’t know is why they got into personal training in the first place!

Let’s hear from Patryk Zuk, one of our coaches at IF Kitsilano.

Q: How did  you hear about Innovative Fitness?

After speaking to some IF coaches at a Kinesiology career fair at UBC, I could not help but have a look at what was going on with this company.

The coaches I spoke with were professional, passionate, and radiated a strong sense of positivity that really grasped my interest.

I sent my resume in, had a phone interview and attended an orientation a few weeks later. As soon as I got my diploma saying I had graduated I started and have extremely enjoyed every minute since I started.

Q: When did you realize you wanted to be a fitness coach for a living?

I’ve been involved in coaching since I was in high school, firstly coaching freestyle snowboarding and more recently coaching youth rugby. Looking into becoming a training coach was something I had always thought about but thought of as a last resort. I have recently realised this was to my demise, and I should have looked into working in this field a lot sooner.

Q: What motivates you at IF?

The moment that really drove me to becoming a coach was when I met those coaches at the career fair, and was inspired by how much they loved the company they worked for and their jobs. Since then, IF has allowed me to

wake up at 4:45 am with a giant grin on my face, ready and excited to help better our members lives through fitness.

I had been involved in gym, training and coaching environments my whole life, but had never personal trained until I arrived at IF and they have been extremely supportive of my growth as a trainer.

Q: What are the most rewarding parts of your job?

4 months in, I have to say

the most rewarding part of my job is seeing our members grow and being a part of them crushing their goals.

I know that if I show up prepared for every single session, every single day, while keeping members honest and dedicated to their goals, that progress and victory will be inevitable. To put it simply: I get an extreme amount of joy from creating connections with members and watching them grow.

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