Member of the Month: Jeff Johnson

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Meet Jeff Johnson, Innovative Fitness Member of the Month: October.

Jeff Johnson a 31-year old Business Lawyer born and raised in Vancouver is the member of the month!

Q: Why do you CHALLENGE yourself physically?

Jeff has been with IF for 3 months. He challenges himself physically to continually improve himself, and to stay fit and active.

Q: What is your biggest ADVERSITY surrounding your fitness and what do you do to overcome it?

His biggest adversity is getting motivated enough to come to the gym. He has overcome this adversity with the help of IF coaches by creating goals and to continue to challenge himself on a daily basis.

Q: What has been your biggest VICTORY at Innovative Fitness?

Jeff’s biggest victory thus far is putting on 20 lbs of muscle in 3 months. He has gone from 170 lbs to 190 lbs!

Q: What ADVICE would you give to someone think of starting a fitness program?

His advice to anyone starting a new fitness program is to seek professional advice and have someone to workout with. Jeff also believes that if you make effort in the gym you should be making the same amount outside of it.


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