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Tips, advice and experiences from the IF team and friends.


How does one know their full potential if they don’t embrace the unknown? Spain was exactly that - the unknown. On September 26th, a group of six IF participants - coaches Mary Darvill and Wade Dickinson, and Innovative Fitness West Vancouver members Kelly and Dave LaVallie, Moira Fong, and Kelly

One of the 7 Wonders of the world, Machu Picchu is literally a city in the sky. It was built at the height of the Inca Empire and is believed to have been abandoned 100 years later because of the Spanish Conquest. Machu Picchu, nicknamed the ‘City in the Clouds’,

On August 14th a group of 10 set out for a wonderful morning on the water. Our group was comprised of 2 coaches from IF Vancouver (Four Seasons), members from both IF Vancouver and IF West Van, family members, and former IF members. The make-up of the group really proves

Harrison Lake is one the biggest and coldest lakes in the Southern Coast Mountain region of British Columbia. The small town of Harrison Hot Springs sits right along its shore. It is here the journey down the Harrison River begins. The Harrison River drains the lake and is a major contributor

50kms, 2300 metres of accumulated elevation, an 810 metre summit, 8 hours, 12 minutes and 25 seconds later, I had completed my first ultra marathon—and a definitive tick off the bucket list! This past July 30th I raced the Hengill Ultra in Reykjavik, Iceland. Iceland is renowned for its “fire and

Iceland boasts some of the most spectacular scenery in the world with its contrasting landscapes of barren volcanic mountains, lush green valleys, and icy blue glacier fields. The Laugavegur Trail, which is one of Iceland's most famous hiking routes, stretches over almost 60km from Landmannalaugar to Þórsmörk, highlighting the ever-changing

Join us on September 25, 2016 for the first annual Vancouver Soccer 5’s and raise funds for BC Children’s Hospital! Spearheaded by Innovative Fitness West Vancouver, participants of the Vancouver Soccer 5’s are encouraged to join in the tournament goal to raise $50,000 to purchase a new anesthesia monitor. Visit the

I have experienced the perfect day. Granted, it was partly due to the weather, but hiking the Lions Binkert Trail was a massive contributor. It started with my favourite pre-hike protein pancake breakfast (for the recipe, shoot me an email) topped with fresh blueberries and a coffee for the road. I

Back in July the coaches and members of IF started some on-course training for the Innovative Fitness Adventure Challenge in support of kids’ health, coming up on September 11th. One such training day found two coaches, Sean Allt and Ben Car, leading a group of members on the mountain bike course