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R2R2R - Extreme Grand Canyon Run Ray Barrett came to Innovative Fitness Kitsilano five years ago with one goal in mind: strengthen his core to improve his running. In 2013 Ray completed three 50 km races and then on October 26th, with a few running buddies, Ray tackled the Grand Canyon’s

Super Foods for Optimal Brain Health Going back to school, performing in your career and just functioning in a modern busy lifestyle requires organization, a good memory and generally keen brain function. How often have you said to yourself: “If I only remembered that one thing I would have cut my

Last Sunday, Oct 20th I raced the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon.  I have been running competitively for over 15 years, but this was my very first marathon!  Although I spent 3 months devoted to my training plan, and felt very prepared going into the marathon, I was scared! The day before the

 [watch the video montage here] Almost every mountain biker knows of the small town which is 3.5 hours outside of Salt Lake City in Utah named Moab. It is famous because of the flowing trails, the landscape full of arches and the slickrock that you can ride on. None of this

In October 2011, Calla Oxley began her first of what would be two “journeys” with Innovative Fitness.  She came to us shortly after the birth of her third son, wanting to get some of her fitness back, as well as get back into running.  Calla made steady progress and things

Plantar fasciitis. If you haven't had to deal with it personally, just ask around. Chances are you know lots of people who can describe it in great detail: stabbing heel pain and agonizing steps followed by a frustratingly slow recovery. Plantar fasciitis — an inflammation of the plantar fascia, a

Do you feel your stomach clench into a knot when the thought of your upcoming presentation enters your mind? Maybe you feel a little queasy when you think deeply about the familial obligations that coincide with the holiday season? Your mood, especially stress, can have a clear control on how